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Haiku Garden : Four Seasons In Poems And Pritns
by Stephen Adiss Essential Haiku Volume 20 (Essential Poets) -- by Hass The Classic Tradition of Haiku : An Anthology (Dover Thrift Editions) -- by Faubion Bowers (Editor) The Haiku Seasons
by William J. Higginson Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku
by William J. Higginson and

	How To Write Poetry Scholastic Guides
by Paul Janeczko Tar River Poetry Poetry - Il  	American Poetry Review  	Poets & Writers Magazine In the 

Palm of Your Hand: The Poet's Portable Workshop (Paperback)
by Steve Kowit The Creative Writing Guide : A Path to Poetry, Nonfiction, and Drama
by Candace H. Schaefer, Rick Diamond Jane Austin and the Romantic Poets

A Poetry-Lover's Guide to the World Wide Web
Personal collection of links to online texts and resources of traditional and "imagist" poetry.

Aha! Poetry
Fine Arts: Consists of a resource for writers and readers of literature and the Arts, including Asian and orientalizing forms such as cinquain, ghazal, haiku, renga, sijo and tanka.

Essential Haiku Volume 20 (Essential Poets) -- by Hass The Classic Tradition of Haiku : An Anthology (Dover Thrift Editions) -- by Faubion Bowers (Editor) The Haiku Seasons
by William J. Higginson Haiku Handbook: How to Write, Share, and Teach Haiku
by William J. Higginson

Allspirit Poetry Index
Spiritual poetry from masters such as Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore, Rainer Maria Rilke, Christina Rossetti, Kahlil Gibran, Anna Akhmatova.

Bad Poetry
An introduction to bad poetry, though not necessarily by bad poets, with texts of various exemplary poems. As selected and annotated by Professor Seamus Cooney.

Burning Press
Experimental/avant guard/exploratory poetry, visual literature, audio art, and intermedia, using any means necessary to forward the language arts.

Features a survey form for poets, critics, editors, publishers and readers. Its main purpose is to provide data for the biographical entries in the Comprepoetica Dictionary of Contemporary American Poetry, Poetics and Poets.

A random walk through eight centuries of English-language verse, updated daily. Visitors can add their poems by email, and webmasters can link to individual poems. Indexed by poet and title. Illustrated.

Dragon Valley Poetry
Poetry and some prose by vintage and young poets. The young poets are in the main a local group of West Wales based writers, with biographical information.

English 88
Website based on the University of Pennsylvania's online poetry course--includes lists of poetic terms as well as links to online poetry resources.

Emphasizes the literary and visual arts in relation to nature, with poetry and essays by contemporary authors (culled mostly from the pages of Orion and Orion Afield magazines--which co-sponsor this site) and information on historic naturalism and naturalist literature.
Tar River Poetry

Erin's Poetry Palace
A personal website devoted to poetry, these pages include several sections devoted to specific poets, a large selection of texts of favorite poems, essays on the reading, study and discussion of poems, and a small but discriminating selection of links to poetry-related websites on the Internet.

Favorite Poem Project
Invites all Americans to submit favorite poem, along with a short paragraph describing the reasons for choosing it.

Fooling with Words
Website for the PBS television special hosted by Bill Moyers includes performances and interviews with some of America's most accomplished poets.

Forgotten Ground Regained
Webzine and poetry resource offering original poems, essays, translations and links to alliterative poems, original medieval epics and verse romances.

Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms
A brief glossary of literary terms, focusing on poetic terms in particular.

Glossary of Poetic Terms
"A unique guide for the study of poetry, with an extensive range of definitions, cross-references between related terms, informative sidelights, hyperlinked keywords, phonetic pronunciation guides and numerous examples."

Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poetry
The encyclopedia will encompass American poetry from its beginnings to the present. It will stand as the most thorough and inclusive reference tool of its kind.
Infinitum Poetry
Poetry by well known poets, their biographies, and short stories by the site owner. Poets include Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth, Robert W. Service, Maya Angelou, and Anne Sexton.

Collections of international poetry, reviews, interviews and features, edited by eminent Australian poet John Tranter.

Modern Poets - University of Vermont
An introduction to the reading of poetry, with short introductions to several well known modern poets and audio files with discussions or readings of their works.

Passions in Poetry
Archive of contemporary and user-submitted poetry with categories dedicated to love, sadness, friendship and life.

Poem of the Day
At Features an online chat, and users can sign up to have the selected poem automatically delivered to their mailboxes daily.

Poems for a Long Winter's Night
A selection of poems about winter, snow, and ice from Charles Baudelaire, Yves Bonnefoy, John Hollander, Victor Hugo, Gail Mazur, Robert Pack, and Paul Verlaine.

Marianne Moore's famous poem.

Poetry at BellaOnline
Resource offers archived features, categorized links and recommended reading.

Poetry at Web Del Sol
Cornucopia of poems and images and discussion, including editor's choice and bulletin board, video and audio recordings.

Poetry Daily
Web anthology and bookstore. Focuses on the mainstream of contemporary poetry with news features, an archive of previously featured poems and poets, and brief "featured journal" coverage.
Poets Corner
An open forum for poets; features the works of amateur and professional poets, news and links.

Selected International Poems
Poems in English, French, Arabic, German, some Russian, Turkish, Persian, Hebrew. Mostly by famous poets, mostly Marxist, revolutionary, or otherwise political. Classified by author, country, and date. Classical Poetry Port
Devoted to traditional poets and poetry including Dickinson and Shakespeare. Includes online forums, commentary and links.

Includes sections on poetic forms, famous poets, links to poetry related resources.

The Academy of American Poets
Organization presenting poems, biographies of poets, historical and thematic poetry exhibits, events calendars, discussion forums and contest information.

The Open Poetry Project
An open editable database of information about poetry, poets, and poems. Includes a lengthy Glossary of Poetic Terms.

The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church
A forum for innovative and experimental poetry which offers a bimonthly web-publication, archives, the 'Tiny Press Center,' information on membership, workshops, upcoming events.

Timeless Poetry
An eclectic mix of poems from the classics to postmodern. Includes some biographical information and listing of selected poetry resources online. Suitable for children, young adults and adults.

Wikipedia: Poetry
Article discussing the nature of the form, its history, terminology and the different traditions.

Where the Sidewalk Ends : Poems and Drawings
by Shel Silverstein (Illustrator) The 20th Century Children's Poetry Treasury (Treasured Gifts for the Holidays)
by Jack Prelutsky, Meilo So (Illustrator) The Random House Book of Poetry for Children (Random House Book of)
by Jack Prelutsky, Arnold Lobel (Illustrator) Poetry Matters: Writing a Poem from the Inside Out
by Ralph Fletcher Love That Dog
by Sharon Creech

American Folklife Center, Library of Congress
Created by Congress in 1976 "to preserve and present American Folklife," the Center incorporates the Archive of Folk Culture, established at the Library in 1928 as a repository for American Folk Music.

Archer Taylor ml
Wolfgang Mieder's biographical sketch of the University of California Professor of Folklore Archer Taylor, and his work as a paremiologist--collector of proberbs.

Archives of Folklore Discussion List
Hosts a complete month-by-month record of all the posts made to the discussion-list, from 1990 to the present.

At the Edge: The Cosmic Mill
Article by Alby Stone discussing the hand-mill as an image of the cosmos.

British Columbia Folklore Society
A definition and explanation of folklore, with examples.

D. L. Ashliman
Folklore researcher, providing extensive resources on Germanic myths, legends and sagas, and Indo-European folk and fairy tales.

Directory of Irish and Celtic Folklore
An "A to Z of Irish Folkore," including seasonal celebrations, folktales, folk sayings, folk cures, leprechaun and fairy beliefs, and the origins of names.

English-French bilingual journal disseminating knowledge about activities concerning folklore and ethnology, in Canada and elsewhere.

Family Folklore: How to Collect Your Own Family Folklore
Guide produced to accompany the exhibition "The Grand Generation: Memory, Mastery, Legacy" organized by the Smithsonian Institution.

Folk Beliefs in Modern Japan
E-text of the book edited by Inoue Nobutaka, Institute for Japanese Culture and Classics, Kokugakuin University.

Folklore and Popular Culture
Selective bibliography compiled by Charles D. Wright, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Folklore: An Introduction
Contains definitions, basic categories, and listings of subjects studied by folkloristics.

Folklore: an Online Electronic Journal
English-language archives of an informative Baltic Folklore journal published by the Folk Belief and Media Group of the Estonian Literary Museum. Material about Estonian shamanism, urban legends, ethnomusicology, popular calendar data, and general folk belief.

Journal of Folklore Research
A peer-reviewed publication of the Folklore Institute at Indiana University, established in 1965.

Latin-American Folklore Resources Online
Lengthy links-page from UCLA provides access to information about folkloric Latin American festivals, food, games, music, religion, and folktales.

Lucky W Amulet Archive
Encyclopedic resource describing and illustrating folkloric talismans and lucky charms from around the world, including horseshoe, swastika, four-leaf clover, rabbit foot, raccoon penis bone, hamsa hand, John the Conqueror root, scarab beetle, and black cat bone.

New York Folklore Society
Definitions of folklore and the related terms folklife and folk arts.

Old Wives Tales
Sayings, superstitions, portents, lore, and rhymes, passed along to us, and being passed along to the next generation.

Paganism in British Folk Customs by Bob Trubshaw
Article that contrasts the true remains of Pagan origins in the folk customs of England with those customs created or exaggerated through "paganisation" by Victorian romantic authors.

Pro Ethnologia
Journal of the Estonian National Museum, publishing short articles on ethnographical issues. Content in Estonian and English.

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
Focuses on contemporary grassroots cultures. Festival information, recordings, events, and resources.

The Folklore of the Isle of Man
Myths, legends, superstitions, customs and proverbs, by A. W. Moore (1891), e-text from a Manx Note Book.

The Hebridean Folklore Project
Run by volunteers to keep Scottish folklore alive and accessible, with the aim of relating Scottish culture around the world. Includes tales and photos.

Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland
Collected and arranged by Lady Augusta Gregory (1920), e-text from the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Addison Wesley Longman Poetry Authors: John Donne
Introduces the writer and his works. Includes an overview of his early years, his literary career, and his legacy.

Luminarium: John Donne (1572-1631)
Includes biographical sketch, numerous texts (some with audio readings), and related links.

Poetry Exhibits: John Donne
Biography, selected poems, and related links from the Academy of American Poets.

Blake, William (39)
Dante (62)
Gibran, Kahlil (9)
Kabir & Rabindranath Tagore (5)
Rumi (20)

Poet Seers
Features spiritual poetry from God-seekers and God-lovers from all over the world, including Sri Aurobindo, Tagore, Sri Chinmoy, Blake, and Whitman.

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