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Hand Gliding

A German unconventional and non-commercial radio show which is broadcast on Radio Antenne Muenster/Buergerfunk. The show is produced and presented by Jutta Hebbeler and Sergi Gvarjaladze.

Millennium Urban Soundscape Project
A project designed to form a sonic time-capsule of city life at the end of the Twentieth Century. This work of Chris Meloce was already broadcast in Toronto, Canada, but still exists at the website.

Natural VLF Radio
Recordings of the "music of the magnetosphere and space weather".

An ambient and downtempo radio show broadcast online through RealPlayer.

Star's End Ambient Radio
One of the longest running ambient/space music radio shows, started in 1976. Hosted by Chuck van Zyl and broadcast live weekly beginning at 1:00am on Saturday night until 6:00am Sunday morning (USA Eastern Time Zone) from WXPN, at the University of Pennsylvania,

Ultima Thule
A broadcast playing ambient and atmospheric music each Sunday from 10.30pm on 2MBS-FM 102.5 in Sydney, Australia.

Visionary Sound Arts Interface
Darv's linkfest to the major synthesists creating sounds that induce alternate states of awareness. Including annotated playlists for the radio show "Adventures in Consciousness."

Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2
~ Aphex Twin

Disquiet Ambient/Electronica
Contains articles, interviews, bibliography, and web resources of interest to ambient and electronica music fans.

Dub Beautiful Collective
A collective of live musicians and artists in San Francisco and Oakland, California. With event listings, archived photos, MP3s, and information about the collective and future events.

Entropy Music
Home of free MP3 and Real Audio files of electronic and ambient music, including Enigma, Deep Forest, Delerium, Vangelis, and Waterbone.

An information archive, featuring official pages for Axiom, The Orb, the Fax label, Touch and Ash International, EST Magazine, Solarworld, plus EnoWeb, the definitive Brian Eno site, plus articles and documents relating to ambient music, and a comprehensive list of ambient links.

Feedback Monitor
Weekly radio show and monthly column covering the latest in electronic and experimental music.

The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld
~ The Orb

InterneTV Music Videos: Ambient
Streaming videos in Vivo and RealVideo formats, of mainstream ambient artists such as Pan Sonic, Air, and FSOL.
Houston Ambient Electronic Music Composers website, with artist, CD release and sale information.

A mailing list covering ambient, post-rock, trip-hop, noise, drone, and swirly music. Includes description and subscription information.

Sleepbot Constructs
Most famous for the "Ambience for the Masses" ambient music informational archive - the largest of its kind on the web.

The Ambient Music Mailing List Archives
Subscription information and text-based/GNU-zipped message archives from October 1994 through the present.

The Ambient Ping
Toronto's weekly live ambient music performance art event. With sound files and links to featured artists, flyer art, and schedule.

The Gathering Concert Series
Listing of live concerts featuring ambient, electronic and spacemusic artists. With show dates, news, compilation information, and links.

The Philadelphia Ambient Consortium
News and connections focused on ambient music in the Philadelphia area. With event listings, broadcasts, artist profiles and links, publications, labels, and stores.

ABC News Radio
American Broadcasting Co. Audio news updates and current affairs programs.

American RadioWorks
Offers in-depth coverage of current events with a program archive going back to 1996.

Australian Broadcasting Corp. -- NewsRadio
Public network

BBC World Service Radio
our Schedule Finder for English programmes broadcast on SW, MW and LW. For FM and language schedules

Be Connected
Internet broadcasts of NPR style news stories and features on technology with syndication information for radio stations.

The Pearl

Broadcast Live
Direct links to live radio news broadcasts from around the world.

C-SPAN Radio
Commercial free public affairs programming including coverage from the US House and Senate.

Cable Radio Network
Six channels of sports, news, talk, and lifestyle programs featuring the Langer Broadcast Network, Radio America and the Talk Radio Network.

IBN Islamic Broadcasting Network
Radio network broadcasting live online 24X7 in the English language. Programs include news and current affairs, youth issues and family matters from a Muslim perspective. Includes headline links to news stories.

Interworld Radio
Free international news by email and radio features for download and rebroadcast
Daily technology news audiocasts by Ken Rutkowski.

KNX 1070 Newsradio
KNX Los Angeles. News, weather, sports and old radio dramas online.

KQED's You Decide
Challenge your point of view on issues of politics, law, justice and the media.

National Public Radio
Live feeds and websites of NPR news and programs

Pacifica Radio News
Alternative news and analysis: Pacifica News and Democracy Now

Instrumental Dream - Volume One ~ Mehd 
Passion - Soothing Music Sampler 1

Radical Radio
A weekly 10-15 hour streaming radio program of alternative news, analysis and commentary. The program is compiled from sources on the web. It is noncommercial and nonprofit.

Radio Canada International
Canada's international broadcaster

Radio Tower News Links
Links to news radio stations around the world

News from the country and around the world from a liberal and progressive point of view.

RealGuide - News
News feeds and links. Official gateway of RealAudio networks

National Public Radio station serving Boston, Massachusetts with live streaming internet radio and text-based news reports.

World of Radio
Glenn Hauser provides current news of international broadcasting and shortwave. Audio

World Radio Network
News on demand or live feeds from public broadcasters around the world.

WTOP -Top News, Nonstop.
WTOP is Washington D.C.'s all news station now broadcasting over the web. WTOP is the source for breaking news, traffic and weather

WTOP 2 - Federal News Radio
Internet-only station providing updated coverage of Federal news, agency briefings, and Congressional hearings.

Sacred Treasures: Choral Masterworks From Russia ~ by Anonymous, Dimitry Stepanovich Bortnyansky, Alexander Tikhonovich Grechaninov Living in the Heart: How to Enter into the Sacred Space Within the Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek

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