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Hang Gliding, Getty Images, Getty Images, 16 x 20 Hang-gliding near Kaslo, National Geographic, Richard S. Durrance, 16 x 20 Hang gliding with wing-mounted camera over Telluride, National Geographic, Skip Brown, 8 x 10 Inspire - Hang Glider, Fine-Art Print, 28x22 Imagination - Hang Glider, Fine-Art Print, 10x8 Extreme Sports, Ala Delta, Framed Art Print Courage - Hang Glider, Fine-Art Print by Unknown, 28x22

by Noel Whittall Hang Gliding: The Basic Handbook of Ultralight Flying,
by Dan Poynter Hang Gliding Manual With Log
by Dan Poynter Hang Gliding Training Manual: Learning Hang Gliding Skills for Beginner to Intermediate Pilots
by Dennis Pagen (Paperback - March 1, 1995) Adventure Vacations : A 50-State Guide to Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Spelunking, Whitewater Rafting, Snorkeling, Hang Gliding and Ballooning (Paperback, 1995)
Author: Stephanie Ocko 	
Fly the Wing: Hooking into Hang Gliding by Len Holmes (Paperback) Hang Gliding (High Interest Books: X-Treme Outdoors) by Heidi Zeigler (Paperback  - March 2003) 	
Touching Cloudbase: The Complete Guide to Paragliding by Ian Currer, Rob Cruickshank (Paperback - November 1996) Hang Gliding Paragliding: A Pilot's Training Manual by Mike Meier, Mark Stucky (Paperback  - June 2004) The Ultralight Trike Odyssey, Top to Bottom, a powered hang gliding adventure DVD '></a>
<a href= Cloudbase Paragliding DVD 	
Born To Fly, Hang Gliding's High Adventure DVD Paraglider Ground Handling and the Art of Kiting
In Search of the Perfect Mountain, a Paragliding Adventure Tour DVD Starting Paragliding DVD Starting Powered Paragliding DVD

Performance Flying: Hang Gliding Techniques for Intermediate and Advanced Pilots by Dennis Pagen (Paperback)

Hang gliding according to Pfeiffer: Skills for the advancing pilot by Rich Pfeiffer

Hang Gliding (Picture Library) by Norman Barrett

The Art of Paragliding by Dennis Pagen (Paperback)

Hang gliding;: The basic handbook of skysurfing by Dan Poynter

Powered Paragliding Pilot Training Manual by Andre S.Rossin-Arthiat, A.S Rossin-Arthiat Powered Paragliding by Jose Ortega (Author), et al (Paperback  - 2000) 	
Paragliding - From Beginners to Cross-Country by David Sollom, Matthew Cook (Paperback)></a>
<a href= Understanding Flying Weather
by Derek Piggott SKY ADVENTURES, Stories Of Our Heritage (Legends And Stories About The Early Days of Hang Gliding and Paragliding) by Mike Vorhis (Illustrator), et al

Hang Gliding: Syllabus for Novice Training and Ground School Examination by Dan Poynter

Hang Gliding Manual

The complete beginner's guide to soaring and hang gliding by Norman Richards

Paragliding (Extreme Sports) by Hans Isenberg, Eugen Koninger (Paperback)

Starting Paragliding VHS Masters at Cloudbase - A paragliding music video VHS 	
In Search of the Perfect Mountain, A Paragliding Adventure, Music Edition VHS Starting Powered VHS

Flying Hand - Launched Gliders by John Kaufmann (Author)

Hang gliding according to Pfeiffer: Skills for the advancing pilot by Rich Pfeiffer

Paragliding Flight: Walking on Air by Dennis Pagen Paragliding (Extreme Sports) by Hans Isenberg, Eugen Koninger

Cloud Dancing: Your Introduction to Gliding and Motorless Flight
by Robert F. Whelan Glider Flying Handbook: #FAA-H-8083-13 (FAA Handbook series)
by Federal Aviation Administration (Paperback - April 1, 2004)

Fly It!: Making and Flying Your Own Kites, Boomerangs, Helicopters, Hang Gliders, and Hand-Launched Gliders by John Kaufmann

Handgliding Clubs

Parasail Safety Council
Information about equipment, operations and safety; insurance coverage, manufacturers and locations.

SAT Aerobatic Paragliding
Group of exhibition pilots offering information on extreme paragliding tricks. Includes photo gallery, forums, news, and on-line store. (In English and Spanish)

All About Hang Gliding
Covers everything that you want to know about hang gliders and hang gliding. Sections include: getting started FAQs, videos, books, CDs, photo gallery, video gallery, weather to fly, periodicals and magazines, equipment, training, locations, organizations and clubs.

Bible of Hang Gliders
A database intended to list all existing hang gliders, manufacturers, and their features.

Cloud 9 Soaring Center
Free-flight shop at Point of the Mountain, Utah, USA.

Foot Launched Powered Aircraft
Information, videos and images relating to foot launched powered aircraft including hang gliders (aka FLPHG, PHG) and paragliders (aka paramotoring, PPG, FLPPG).

Gliding Simulator
Applet based gliding simulator.

Hang Gliding and Hang Gliders
Hang gliding information and instruction.

Hang Gliding Australia
Launch locations in Australia with wind directions with a clickable map. Listings of hang gliding clubs in Australia, rules of the air, for-sale forums, photos, competition resources, hang gliding desktop themes, weather maps, FAQ, basic information about hang gliders, and glider reviews.
Hosts a submission form for hang gliding and paragliding records for each of the United States of America, classified For Sale advertisements, links, message board, chat page, and the Arkansas Hang Gliding web site.

Everything hang gliding: online cross country competition, photos, links, stories, classifieds, glider reviews, FAQ, thermalling tips, pilot chat.

HowStuffWorks: How Hang Gliding Works
Photos and illustrations examine the sport of hang gliding, with details of the aircraft, the equipment involved, how to fly it and how to become a certified hang glider pilot.

Ion Hang Gliding directory
A sports purist site that provides information, links, and more for those interested in Hang Gliding.

Mooncoin - hang gliding photography
Site devoted to hang gliding, paragliding and photography of such.

Norwegian Hang Gliding
All about hang gliding in Norway. Forums, links, meteorology information, and contacts. [English and Norwegian]

Norwegian Hang Gliding Web Ring of Free Flight
Anchor page by Norwegian Hang Gliding.

The Hang Gliding Site
Information about hang gliding. Sections include: common questions, more questions, "Is it safe?", where to fly, and tandem flights.

The Oz Report
Almost daily reports on interesting hang gliding issues. All the upcoming competitions, as well as previous copies of the Oz Report. Named newsletter of the year in 2002 by the USHGA.

Foot Launched
Air Vision Adventures
Paramotor, paragliding and hang gliding equipment sales and training in Canada, Ontario. Details of lessons and products.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding Clubs in the U.S.A.
Hundreds of links related to hang gliding and paragliding. Clubs, schools, personal pages, useful information, some goofy stuff, and lots of HG photos.

Hat Creek Rim
Description of two launch areas (front and back) and three permanent landing areas. Details of site, store, restaurant and accommodation.

Czech based web resource for paragliding and hang gliding pilots. Many features including weather, advertising, schools, competitions, and photo gallery.

A Bulgarian paragliding and hanggliding cross-country flying site. Provides details of site, including cable lift, records broken there, pictures and weather.

U.S. Airborne Sport Aviation Center
Offers beginner to advanced training in ultralight trikes, paramotors, paragliding and aero towing hang gliders. Details of instruction and equipment.

Tandem Flights


Hang gliding courses and tandem flights in Jämtland, Sweden.

Focus Team
Company providing instructed paragliding activities in Oludeniz, Turkey.

Hungary Joe
Aerotow and tandem instruction, aerotow events, equipment.

New England Aerosports
This exciting introduction to Hang Gliding allows you to soar with an expert USHGA certified tandem pilot and experience first hand the thrill of flying.

Rio Brazil Hang Gliding Tandem Flight
Hang Gliding tandem flights in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with experienced and safe instructor Paulo Celani, certified by the Brazilian Hang Gliding Association.

Tandem Flights in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Flights from Pedra Bonita Ramp at a height of 1700 feet.

Whitetracks Alternative Winter and Snowsport Experiences experience1.htm
Winter activities and experiences including hang gliding, driving, sliding, riding, and climbing. Tandem flights from the sommet de la Vizelle @ 2700m altitude.


Arctic Airwalkers Paragliding Club
The official web site of Arctic Airwalkers paragliding club in Alaska.

Bay Area Paragliding Association
Local USHGA chapter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Information on membership, sites, newsletter, images and movies, training and meetings. Links to webcams and contacts for windtalkers.

Cascade Paragliding Club
Based in Portland, Oregon offering a directory of schools, photo gallery, pilot reports, roster, classifieds, and membership details.

Hawaii Paragliding Association
Information and recent news about paragliding on Oahu and other islands in Hawaii.

HG & Paragliding Association of Atlantic Canada
Organization for pilots in Canada. Offering information on flying sites and instruction.

Southern Paraglider Pilots
Paraglider and flying site information for southern paraglider pilots in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolina's

The New England Paragliding Club
Organization offering services to pilots in New England and New York.

Toronto Paragliding Club
Offering flight resources to pilots located in Toronto, Canada.

U.S. Hang Gliding Association
Parent association of organized paragliding in the United States. Membership offers insurance as well as a monthly magazine. Web site offers information on schools, message board, classified advertisements, and an on-line store.


Association des Pilotes de Cage
Information about the Cage and the Cage Pilot Association. (In English, French, Spanish, and German)

Bollington Paragliding Club
Non profit club based at Barton, Manchester. Information on instruction, meeting times and office bearers.

Dales Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club
Based in the Yorkshire Dales, United Kingdom. Details of office bearers, events, sites with shooting season details and a photograph gallery.

East Scotland Paragliding Club
Offering pilot membership to pilots in the Aberdeen area.

Flygklubben Offerdal
Located in Jamtland, Switzerland offering information on local flying sites. (In English and Swedish)

Fyns Paraglider Klub
Located in Odense, Denmark offering photo gallery, weather information, and a list of local equipment dealers. (In English and Danish)

Northumbria HG and Paragliding Club
Offering resources to pilots around Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom.

Scottish HG and Paragliding Federation
Website for the Scottish HG and Paragliding Federation.

Scottish Mountain Paragliding Club
Located in Scotland, United Kingdom offering discussion forum, competitions, pilot profiles, gallery, and links.

Avon Hangliding and Paragliding Club official news, calendar of events, and flying diary. Based in Bristol/Bath area of England.

Slovene Free Flying Association
Contact details and a list of takeoff places in the Republic of Slovenia. (In English and Slovenian)

Southampton University Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club
The Website of Southampton University Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club.

Swedish Paragliding Association
Offering information on the Swedish Paragliding Association.

UCC Paragliding.Club
Providing resources for pilots at University College Cork, Ireland.

United India Paragliding Association
Promoting paragliding and related aerosports in India. Contains information on becoming a pilot.

Manufacturing Handgliders

Bluewater Video Sales
DVDs, videos, books, and CDs about hang gliding, paragliding, ultralites, weather.

Hall Brothers Manufacturing
Makes and sells wind meters and air speed indicators for paragliding and hang gliding.

John Pop's hang gliding site
Personal site for links associated with hang gliding and plans for a launch cart for towing hang gliders with my T-Dolly design.

Skydog Productions
Featuring sales of the book "Hang Gliding Spectacular (Fantastic Flying Stories From The Hearts of Those Who Live The Dream)", which includes a Photo Video CD, and other hang gliding books from Skydog Productions and Bob Grant Productions.

Tek Flight Products
Hang gliding equipment including camera mounts specifically designed for hang gliding.

California Hang Gliders Calendar