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Visual Art Sites


Lift Up Your Hearts: Sites Devoted to the Visual Arts
Annotated catalogue of selected sites offering resources with an emphasis on Lutheran, Canadian and ecumenically accessible worship and liturgically related materials. From the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

Magrit Prigge Art
Works inspired by the Bible from a South African artist. Includes gallery, sale information, and currency conversion.

Bach and Dürer: Passion Music and Imagery
Series of woodcuts matched with selections from the St. Matthew Passion. Includes scenes from late in the life of Christ, his suffering, death, burial.

To the Glory of God and the Salvation of Man
Article on Christian and Lutheran church architecture and art commissioned on the occasion of the dedication of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Houston. Includes many photos of historic Lutheran churches.

Lutheran Architecture: How a Building Reflects Theology
Examination of structure and layout of a church and how they both reflect and direct Lutheran doctrine and practice.

France 13th C

Glass Art Work St. Andrews Lutheran Church, Toronto
Works by Lutz Haufschild include pictures of his stained glass artistry at St. Andrews.

Luther Rose
Explanation of the reformer's personal seal and visual statement of theology with woodcut and color graphics in several formats.

Emphasize Baptism
Article discussing how the baptismal font reflects Lutheran theology.

Lutheran Brotherhood Art Collection
A sampling of religious works held by the Lutheran Brotherhood fraternal insurance organization.

The Index of Christian Art
A database of Christian Art provided by Princeton University.

Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion
Print journal. Some selected contents and additional resources.

Act One, Inc.
Comprehensive training and mentorship to form the next generation of Christian artists and professionals.

Preview Family Movie and TV Review
Offers reviews from a family and Christian perspective. Also has user written reviews.

Art Concordance
A listing of Biblical artwork on the web.


Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA)
Encourages Christians in the visual arts to develop their callings to the highest professional level possible; to learn how to deal with specific problems in the field without compromising faith and artistic standards; to provide opportunities for sharing work and ideas; to foster intelligent understanding, a spirit of trust, and a cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the church, and society; and ultimately, to establish a Christian presence within the secular art world.

An e-zine offering movie and music reviews. Also has user reviews, Cornerstone information, and archives.

Reformation of the Arts and Music
Essays and resources that encourage understanding and development of the arts in accordance with a Christian worldview

Symbols in Christian Art and Architecture
An illustrated dictionary of Christian symbols, seasons and liturgical colors by Walter E. Gast.

Armenian Miniatures
Includes galleries featuring manuscript pages with illustrations dating back to the Middle Ages.


Digital image collection of religious icons from late antiquity until today, and information to promote, educate and encourage interest and understanding of sacred art.

An angel club where you can post and read poetry, quotes, scripture, stories and experiences.

Draw Near to God
Offering a workshop on God reclaiming the arts.

Art Tribe
Seeks to inform on how Christians must be involved with the arts and the battle for culture and civilization. Articles and quotes from the book "The Culture Warrior".

Decade Ministries Visuals
Providing unique Christian visual rolls and packs of simple line drawings for you to use for talk and sermon illustrations. Based in UK

Ten Commandments
Christian Symbolism in Art
A short description, with links, on various symbols used by Christian art.

Art from the Heart Ministry
Children's art ministries provide opportunities to administer God's grace through faith-based art curriculums.

Mars Hill Productions
Producing videos that encourage Christians and reach out to non-believers. Also, has ministry information, an order page and upcoming projects.

National Endowment for the Christian Arts (NECA)
Giving God the glory by presenting, supporting, and promoting those Christian works of art created or produced by non-compromising Christian artists throughout the United States of America through free membership. Has grant information, program information, an art gallery, shopping mall, and an events page.

Worship Banners
Online e-zine for banner ministries. Dedicated to lifting up the name of our Lord through worship and praise banners. Lots of ideas, information and inspiration.


Images of Jesus Christ
Luc Freymanc presents his many drawings of Jesus Christ, angels, and other Christian motives.

New Guild Art Studio
Specializing in liturgical design, art reconstruction, furniture and appointments. Includes photos of renovated interiors, art work, furniture, and donor recognition memorials

Hearts on Fire for Jesus
A collection of artwork centering on the condition of the human heart in search of God. The site includes art works and links to other Christian sites.

Dawning Grace Publications
Offers calendars, posters and a guestbook.

Good Words and Love Poems
A spiritual look at Heaven and Earth, exploring the deep emotions of relationships, love, life and death through original poetry, meditations, spiritual writing and experiences and sacred texts.

The Infant Jesus, Hiky Mayr Collection
Collection of images and old holy sculptures from the 17th to the 20th century, presented in international exhibitions and art publications.

Chalk Art News
Includes newsletters, instruction, supplies, workshop information, and a FAQ.

All About Worshiping God
To inspire and encourage those who do and want to worship God through art in all its forms.

Art Photography and Christian Faith
Using photographs to express the author's faith, includes an image gallery.

Christianity and the Arts
Reviews of contemporary movies and novels from a Christian perspective.

Children's Illustration of the Bible
Children from 90 countries competed in illustrating stories from the Bible.

Literate Soul
Includes the encyclopedia of Christian influence, a poems page, and reviews of music and literature by various authors.

Byzantine Christian Art
A gallery of 40 icons, hand painted in egg tempera on wood, following Orthodox Christian traditions of almost 2000 years.

National Catholic Register [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION] 50 issues/12 months

Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art
Provides information and a communication system on the visual arts of Africa, the Americas, and Asia and the Pacific, within the context of international art processes and cultural exchange.

Guide to fine art galleries and museums in Southern California. It features complete listings, articles, image bank, and event calendar.
Words of Art
An online glossary of theory and criticism for the visual arts.

A community of visual artists of all experience levels. Members may critique works submitted by others and may submit their own works for consideration by the community.

Internet ArtResources
Guide to the visual arts, featuring articles, international reviews, and special events.

Last Supper Mirror

In View
Visual links to valuable visual arts resources on the web
Galleries, museums, art links, auction houses, and print shops. Art from classic old masters to wildlife, and modern art.
Visual arts portal with a selection of artist portfolios, famous art quotes, art news, and a directory of resources.

How to collect art. A site for novice and advanced art collectors. Extensive links and articles to help your art collecting education. Galleries, Museums, Recommended books and other resources.
Theo Digital Gallery System
Provides Web hosting, and a range of gallery-oriented software solutions.

Artist Help Network
A launching pad to help fine artists mine resources on career development and challenges, including organizations, publications, links, and service providers.


Manhattan Arts International
Artist workshops, books, career consultation, exhibition opportunities, and other resources.

Offers a free 240-page e-book on art marketing.

Comanducci Fine Art Italy
Artist search, services, galleries, and links. [English, Italian, and French]
Includes member galleries, a forum, event calendar, and a glossary of art terms and definitions.

Thing Frankfurt - Art, Critique, New Media
Portal for non-institutional digital art, discussions, events, movements and artists' self-represenation around Frankfurt and Main, Germany. Member of International Thing Network.

Art Now
Ring for galleries of drawing, painting, photography, collage, video, jewelry and metalwork. Over 180 sites listed.

Urban Legends
A cultural resource and art gallery with an urban theme

Provides free information and services for artists and designers, including jobs, careers advice, directory of design companies and courses, events, and promoting talent via portfolio images, and CV.

Art Review
Everything you wanted to know about art, from prices to history and news.
Forum and chat focused on the discussion of art in society, and a gallery including animated gifs and interactive painting.


Art City
Ring for artists, painters, sculpters, and creative individuals. Over 80 sites listed.

Image Innovation
A forum where artists, designers, and poets showcase their work. Offers links to artist homepages. [Flash]

Last Supper

Artspeak Chat
A gathering place for fine art discussion on the web.

Artists Corner
Members can link to sites, art awards, and competitions. Swap and submit ideas and support fellow artists.

The Ring of Fine Art
Sites that display, sell and buy fine arts. More specifically intended for sites offering lithographs, engravings, original paintings and sculptures, watercolors and all related works of art.


Museum of Web Art
The Museum of Web Art presents art created exclusively for the Web environment, such as buttons, counters, splash pages, and wallpaper, in a bright, easy-to-navigate, museum-style interface.

MOCA: Museum of Computer Art
Continually-updated collection of computer-generated and digital art by distinguished artists. Includes fractal art, raytraced art, photo manipulations and digital animations.

New York School of Visual Arts
The New York School of Visual Arts presents the Visual Arts College, Art School, Advertising, Animation, Art History, Cartooning, Computer Art, Film, Video, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Humanities & Sciences, Illustration, Interior Design, Photography, MAT Art Education, MPS Art Therapy, MFA Computer Art, MFA Design, MFA Fine Arts, MFA Illustration as Visual Essay, MFA Photography & Related Media.

ARC International - The Art Renewal Center
Combines on-line international art news, reviews, articles, contemporary salon and a research library of master paintings. This site is devoted to raising 'art' standards and giving recognition to the rare quality paintings of today and the multitude of yesteryear.

Color Matters
The concept of color can be approached from several disciplines: physiology, psychology, philosophy, and art. Starting points for an exploration of color. Explore how color affects appetite, vision, sexuality, energy conservation, and its relationship to architecture and interior design.

Saskia, Ltd. Cultural Documentation
Saskia, Ltd. provides slides and digital images for college-level art history teaching and research.

Color Theory Overview and Tutorial
Essays on a number of aspects of the theory of colors and the aesthetics of color combinations.

Contemporary Artist's Center
A not-for-profit artists' studio facility established in 1990 by working artists for working artists.

The Educational Alliance Art School
Offers day and evening classes for all ages. Includes course catalog, events and exhibits, history and information about afterschool programs and suggested equipment. Based in New York, USA.

Leaning Post Productions
Connecting with education: Reaching teachers, students, and parents through CD-ROMs and art and technology workshops and services.

Interactive MultiMedia at Columbia College
InterActiVe MultiMedia Program at Columbia College Chicago. A College major offering concentrations in Animation, Programming,Graphic Design, Photography, Project Management, Sound, and Video. With a special emphasis on Learning to Learn.

Very Special Arts Wyoming
VSAWyo, Enhancing the lives of people with disabilities through education in the Arts.

Rehs Galleries: Newsletter Archive
Archive of newsletters relating to the buying, selling and collecting of fine art. Topics include buying at a gallery, authenticity, quality and the art market vs stock market. Updated monthly.

The Lamentation of Christ, c.1490 , Fine Art Giclee Print by Sandro Botticelli, 24x18

Art Department - Roanoke County VA Schools
Features an online student art gallery, the Virginia Art Standards of Learning, philosophy, goals and link collection.

Kiboko Projects
Fine arts galleries, art education, Diary project,information and artist opportunities

Art Space San Francisco
ArtSpace: stimulating a dialogue about contemporary issues through art exhibitions, art criticism magazines, books, performances, videos, and independent films.

The Joseph Beuys Online Index
Athena W3 Researches and Education offers the Joseph Beuys Online Index in German and English language.

Painted Window Screen Art
Painted window screen art. Features pictures of artwork, schedule of classes, and links to other screen art sites.

The Elements of Art
A functional exploration of two dimensional art - principally drawing and oil painting - based on my own experience and study.

A vast gallery of masterfully created works of digital art.

An interactive art exhibit of collage works and multimedia projects.

Digital Salon
Digital Visual Arts - Dedicated to showcasing, promoting and exhibiting visual art produced using digital tools and media.

CyberSpace Gallery
First gallery in Los Angeles, and one of the first in the world to promote and exhibit digital art on site and on line. Among artists exhibited include pioneers David Em, Rebecca Allen and Dr. Timothy Leary.

Contains Dick's raytracing images, and Marlene's digital paintings. Also includes a set of CD covers.
Offers opportunities for the presentation of digital art from all digital artists, and provides a forum for critical dialogue.


Rayshade Gallery
A gallery of a dozen or two ray-traced images.

Desktop Wallpaper
Gallery of original art designed to be used as desktop wallpaper.

The site contains current work of its founding members, downloadable quicktime movies, and other bits of creative experimentation. 52mm works in various media ranging from illustration to film and video, CD package design to websites and CD-ROMS.

An education in time based art from Elam School of Fine Arts combining new media, sound, performance, video and the internet.

DaVinci's Gallery of Photoshop Graphics
An all-digital gallery created with Adobe Photoshop. Includes tutorials, tips, and discussions of digital artwork.

Art Challenge
International art contest showcasing the works of artists in the categories of painting, digital art, photography, and comic/illustration.


MegArt Virtual Art Gallery
Browse and download over 40 fractal worlds and 3D landscapes. Original high resolution color poster prints and custom murals are for sale.

A collection of fractals and computer generated graphics.
Featuring computer generated art and wallpapers, photography, and software downloads. In English and Norwegian. [Flash]

3D Alien Gallery
Alien and Sci-Fi 3D graphics made by several artist from this World. Plus Ufo Directory, Alien Gallery Award, gif animations, wallpapers, clip art, MIDIs, screen savers, software.

Computer Designed Railroad Artwork
Railroad related computer generated artwork by various artists.

The Watchful Eye
The Bryce Forum Gallery and Watchful Eye Bryce Gallery.

Soul Mirror
Digital graphics, photography, and writings.

JourneyMan's 3D World Galleries
Broadcast your artwork and see other artists' portfolio. You can also find textures, free objects and tutorials.

Wallpapers created using Lightwave and Inspire.

Collection of 3/2D still images and movies by Raul and Monica G.T.

graFX Dome
Exhibiting 2/3D rendered still images, animations, and Flash movies. Also includes textures, 3D models, and plugins.

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Clip Art (421)
Fractal Art (156)
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Interactive (348)
Personal Galleries (105)
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